Thou shalt chant the Holy Name of Agathiya Rishi the great. He shalt bestow the Siddhis Eight and
       yoga sukshuma Agathiar Himself gives Thee saffron robe
       And Siddhas all adapt Thee.
       Obeisance to Agathiar lead one to Meru With no obstacles and it is Kingly they say.
       Agathiar is the yogi emerged from the Moolakni
       Under His realm are the universes Thousand and Eight
                                Mahan Konganar ( 76th poem of 500 )

Nine crore (90 Million) human beings got their sins absolved, became virtuous and attained deathless grand life forever immortality and became Gnanis only after worshipping the Holy Feet of Agathiar, the Chief of nine crore Sages who has the title of 'Gurumuni and Kumbamuni', (Agatya Muni is known as Kumbha Muni as he was born from the Kundalini. He is also called Gurumuni, meaning preceptor (Guru) saint (Muni). If we sit on a white cloth on level ground, lighting a lamp with gingelly oil or ghee, and fragrant incense stick and perform mantra pooja hy chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' for thirty minutes in the morning and evening daily and if possible at 12 midnight, we too can attain long and disease free life. There will he peace in the family. We shall beget noble children. Further, profession, agriculture, job and business will prosper with inereased wealth. We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' that wisdom shall dawn on us with relevant knowledge and the maturity of discrimination.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed so that we shall not harm any living beings, not eat meat and to profess vegetarianism. We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed with the maturity to move with love and affection with our mother, father, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. We shall invoke by ehanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed us to be free from the evil habits of alchoholism, non-vegetarian food and gambling.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed with the maturity to be not envious of others' progress.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed with the maturity to make others feel that we are not avaricious.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed with the habit of speaking pleasantly with others without hurting their feelings.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed with the maindset not to take revenge on our offenders accepting the same as our fate or result of our sins.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed with the maindset of not to have the weakness of getting angry without knowing the fact.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' to be blessed not to be suspicious which may spoil friendship, mental peace and make us realize that suspicion may bring us grave sins.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' for Him to bless us and pray to make us realize that worship of his lotus feet daily that He shall be with us both internally and externally to make us discriminate the Evils and Virtues and bless us not to forget to worship daily.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' for Him to bless us to identify the Maya as the sole causes for the repeated births and give us the means and strength to win.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' for Him to bless us to get rid of the countless births to be absolved of all the sins and to embrace and follow the birthless movement of Sanmarga.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' for Him to bless us with charitable disposition to feed the hungry and the poor and give us such an opportunity to feed. We have understood by Your Grace that the day we got the thought of removing hunger of the poor, we shall get elevated in our spiritual status.

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' that countless sinners have attained the status of Sages only by worshipping Your Holy Feet. The whole world knows that I am a sinner. Yet, it is Your duty to save sinners like me and shower Your blessings on people like me. Therefore, I pray trusting Your Holy Feet. "Agatheesvara! Aeeept me and rain Your grace on me."

We shall invoke by chanting 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' for Him to bless us to have the motto to feed and host atleast two persons in a month.

We are aware that the moment we pronounce 'Om! Agatheesaya Namah' nine crore Sages who are Your disciples will bless us. We are moving about in majesty because no harm will approaeh us as we worship Your Holy Feet. Therefore, Thou shalt behold me by saying 'Fear not! Fear not!' "Hail Thine Holy Feet! victorious be Sanmargam ! ! "

       Worship is always a question. Who to worhip? How to worship? In this kaliyug there are plenty of castes and religion wherein each one says their belief is true a strong. Which God is strong? Who is true God? Whom to Worship? is always an ambiguous question. Gurunathar Thavathiru Arumuga Arangamahadesiga Swamigal has portrayed saints and gnanis who had attained immortal life and attained enlignment as true God. Gurunathar always insists on worshiping immortal saints rather than worshiping died heros among human beings. Moreover, Gurunathar also adds on saying 'who ever you believe you continue but take care that you are not slaughtering any other living being in the name of worship'. Godess nature is so motherly that she gives birth to living beings, grows these living beings by giving them food and shelter, helps these living beings to evolve by reproduction, and the same Godess Nature kills them in the form of death. This is a fact that no human can escape once born everyone must die. Gnanis and Saints who attained immortal life followed the paths of Adhi Guru Lord Murugaperuman the Actual Hero Who realized how win this Nature and escape death. All the saints unvieled by Gurunathar have come from unbroken lineage, starting from Lord Murugaperumaan. According to Hishighness Gurunathar's words lighiting a Gingely oil or Ghee lamp, sitting in front of the lamp in the pressence of france of agarbathi and worshiping the saints through their name hailings and submiting our requests may be an initial stage of worship.


       Thiruvilakku poojai is organized in all the areas where our volunteers reside. The volunteers they themself take care of all the expenses that is needed to organize the poojai and food will be provided to all the devotees present for the pooja as prasatham. The base of the pooja is to Hail the holy names of the the 131 great saints and surrender some requests for the well being of the society and self in front of the pure fire from the lamp. It is believed that lord Murugaperumaan and the nine crore saints will appear in the jothi (flame) and shower their blessing to the devotees. The various benefits attained by the devotees who participated in this Thiruvilakku Pooja includes the following:

  • The youngsters with hinderence in getting married will be levied who are seeking a good spouse will get married by pu

There are live testimonials of the people who have benefited from the thiruvilakku Pooja.


        The Sanggam also extends its help to villages in about 50 km radius, providing food packets. These packets consists of tamarind rice, lemon rice, curd rice, vegetable rice or tomato rice. They are prepared at the Ongarakudil centre and are delivered to their destinations using lorries. This helps poor farmers, labourers and cattle herds to regain their strengths and to continue with their work.

       For all these about 2,000 kg of rice are cooked everyday. [But when funds are insufficient, the quantity is reduced thus some of the services are stopped].  The Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Charitable Trust also has branches at various places in the Tamilnadu State. Here the volunteers also cook and distribute food on daily or weekly basis depending on the financial situation.


       The Sanggam provides herbal pordridge called 'Mooligai Arutkanji' for the patients in Government Hospitals in almost all the districts in Tamilnadu. There are plenty of volunteers who dedicte their life as full time service to provide herbal pordridge all over tamilnadu. There are arutkanji providing centers in front of GH at Trichy Srirangam, Veralimalai, Mannachanallur, Trichy Gandhimarket, Trichy Chathiram bus stand, Vayalore temple, Madhurai, Virudhunagar, Salem, Namakkal, Udumalaipettai, Thirunelveli, almost all areas in chennai. The details about the Pordridge and food distribution


       The Sanggam provides basic KO-4 grass for the cattle in almost all the villages in and around Thuraiyur. The main purpose of feeding the cows is that feeding one cow is equalent to giving food for 100 hungry humen. Moreover the cow is considered to save the life of numerous new born kids who does not have an opportunity to be fed milk by the mother. Due to drought when the farmers and herders were not able to feed their cattle Ongarakuidl Gurunathar adviced the volunteers to buy KO-4 grass from people who sell them from different districts and distributed the grass to all the cows in and Thuaiyur.

       The Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam has also concentrated the need of clothing for the poor and needy people. For the past several years the trust is distributing dress, like sarees, chudidhaars etc. for women; dhothies, shirts for men; and school uniform for the poor and needy school students. Thus through all these activities Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam and its volunteers are gaining the blessing of God.

       The sangam also provides clothes for the volunteers once every year as a bonus. Swamiji "Sri Rangaraja Desiga Swamigal" considers all the volunteers as his own children and gives two pair of new clothes to all the volunteers during the farmer's festival of Pongal.


       The Trichy District (where Thuraiyur is) lies at the central point of the Tamilnadu State. Rain comes from two monsoon winds; the northeast and southwest. The northeast monsoon brings heavy rainfall at the coastal area of Tamilnadu. When the wind reaches the central part of the state very small amount of rain fall. During the southwest monsoon, the western-ghat hills between Tamilnadu the its neighbouring state, Kerala, blocks the rain fall. Thus, the dry wind causes the central area to be drought prone.

       The main river that runs through this region is the Cauvery. It originates from the other neighbouring state of Karnataka and flow through Tamilnadu. This river is the main source of water for both consumption and irrigation. However, the Karnataka state dams the river upstream thus allowing very little or no water at all for the Tamil people along its bank.

Another water source are ground water, these sources near Thuraiyur are mostly salty, therefore not suitable for drinking. State supplied water comes from one of these sources and the people of Thuraiyur and its surrounding area are always in need of clean drinking water.

       The Sanggam sees this opportunity as its rightful duty to supply drinking water to these people. Using water tankers that are attached to lorries and tractors, the Sanggam buys water from a land owner who has clean underground water supply and distributes freely to about 40,000 people daily. It covers the Thuraiyur town and its surrounding area. Daily about 5,000 litres of water is supplied to these unfortunate people.


       The high salinity content in the water causes many disorders to the people in that area. One of the serious problems are cataract formation in the eyes especially for elderly people. By collaborating with the Rotary Club, Joseph's Eye Clinic, Annai Hospital and the Trichy District Association for the Prevention of Loss of Eyesight, Eye Inspection Camps are conducted second Saturday of every month.

       The doctors give free examination and consultation during these camps. For those who need surgery or spectacles to correct their sight, the Sanggam sponsors the cost of material and surgery.

       Since the beginning of this service, two years ago, more than 23,755 people have benefited. This includes complex eye - surgery and lens implantation.  Apart from this, the Sanggam also allows its premises to be used for polio and jaundice immunisation programmes run by the local municipality.


Gurunathar arranged for free marriage for the villagers who are not able to afford to get married due to poverty. Gurunathar announced to all the villagers who have planned and decided their spouce could get married in Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam, during the Chithra pournami function held at ongarakudil in 1996 through 1998. During the marriage Gurunathar gave one pot full of rice, one Kuthuvilakku (holy lamp), four gram of gold in the form of 'thali' tied to the yellow holy rope which Gurunathar himself blessed and gave to all the individual couples.

       Nearly 2001 families benefited by this marriage and many of the couples still visit Ongarakudil to exhibit their gratitude towards Gurunathar for helping them to start their life in a blessd manner.